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The First Culturally Driven Premium NFT Collection

Making A True Difference

Let’s face it…

Anyone can throw together a digital art project and turn it into a million-dollar NFT in a matter of minutes.  But creating a customized slice of REAL history using raw, unduplicatable photographic images? Well, that’s the kind of rare find worth getting your hands on. At Klaros Inc., we’re reimagining NFT’s using authentic photographic images from our culture’s most significant moments in history, frozen in time and delivered directly to you.

Moments In Time

Our first of its kind collection of black and white images are here to capture the one thing digitally generated artwork can’t: real, raw and unfiltered reminders of where we’ve been and where we're going.

Old School Graffiti

We’re taking classic historical imagery and adding our own modern twist, overlaced with eye-popping neon colors and retro-style graffiti prints that make these photos a work of art all their own.

Endless Inspirations

Inside the depths of our vault lies an unseen collection of cultural icons captured in their most unassuming moments, giving you a glimpse into the power and inspiration behind yesterday’s greatest figures.

About Us

Digital Time Capsules For The Modern NFT Age

What’s really in a picture?

For some people, a photograph is little more than a snapshot for a brief and otherwise forgettable moment in time.  
Klaros Inc., sees each and every still frame as its own time capsule, holding within it the power to revisit history through a fresh lens and carry the weight of cultural change with us as we move into more modern times.


An NFT Project With Vision and Purpose

Our carefully curated collection of hundreds of thousands of never-before-seen images from the 1960’s and beyond didn’t come from a graphic design program or a stock image folder.  

They’re the raw, unfiltered insight from our own ancestors, entrusted with us to keep their stories alive, no matter how much the world evolves around us, captured by the late photographer James D. Wilson and kept locked away from the eyes of the world…until now.

We’re opening up this historical time capsule to inspire collectors just like you, all thanks to the innovation of new school NFT technology.

“We can’t create a better future…without first understanding our past.”

Vision statement

The Circa 1960 NFT aspires to create a love revolution and foster open, inclusive conversations where all human beings can unite as one united human race. The primary iconic photograph of the collection shows a Black boy sitting in a red wagon, pushed up a cracked sidewalk by a White boy in an urban Detroit neighborhood during the 1960s civil rights movement. The late James D. Wilson captured this influential image in the heat of the struggle against racial segregation and Jim Crow laws, symbolizing the power of love and unity to overcome adversity.

You are not born to hate. You are taught to hate. Our NFT collection is birthed for the very cause of encouraging everyone to heal their hearts to stop spreading hatred and start spreading love to transform the world for the better.

Mission statement

The Circa 1960 NFT's purpose is to help spread the message that every individual has the fundamental right to live without prejudice and discrimination, allowing them to flourish and reach their full potential. We aim to use the significant history of the African American community in the 1960s through James D. Wilson's photographs to help transform hearts towards love and celebrate our unique differences, allowing everyone to realize their value.

We seek to educate and inspire future generations by using these visual stories to encourage unity and a common understanding of our shared past. By utilizing these images, we connect the past and the future,promoting optimism and a feeling of possibility for a better tomorrow.

Our Mission & Vision

“To Bring All People Closer Together.”

Our first NFT, “Propelled Towards Greatness” says it all. Using James D Wilson’s original photograph of a white boy pushing a black boy in a red wagon in a tattered neighborhood in Detroit, the modern NFT depicts a beautiful scene of perfect racial equality.

The little white boy in the picture is propelling the little black boy towards visions of greatness and historical role models of racial significance, including Barack Obama, the first Black president. The message is simple, “if we work together, even disadvantaged people have a chance at greatness.

”Our mission and purpose are to bridge the racial divides in this country with inspiring human emotion and wisdom from the civil rights movement of the 60’s. This is an NFT with a much deeper mission, and therefore holders will be part of something much bigger, while raising the value of their investments at the same time.


Phase 1: Spreading Awareness

Our team of cryptocurrency marketing aficionados are working round the clock to place these contemporary designs where they rightfully belong… Into the hands of seasoned and beginner NFT holders across the U.S.

Although we do not have un upper limit for how many NFT’s will be available right now, each one is based on a one-of-a-kind historical photograph by the late James D Wilson, repurposed for the modern NFT age by his loving daughter Michelle.

With each token, Michelle solidifying their family’s legacy and opening up a historical time capsule for collectors across the globe.

Phase 2: Expanding The Message

We’ve just begun to scratch the surface of historically and culturally impactful imagery hiding away in our own historical collections. With each new release, we’re telling a fresh story that can’t be found anywhere else.

In the future, we are considering releasing a collection of never before seen photographs of cultural figures like Martin Luther King, Sammy Davis Jr., Ray Charles, Motown Historical figures like Diana Ross and the likes, which were also taken by prolific photographer James D. Wilson.

When we have a large collection of NFT’s, we will be arranging giveaways and unique contests for NFT holders to increase the value of the community.

Phase 3: Building A Community

We believe that the stories we tell are what connect us on a deeply human level. Our NFT collections have been carefully designed to bring folks of all backgrounds together in one place, so we can build a better future by learning from our past.

We plan on arranging virtual get-togethers, networking, and meet ups to discuss matters of cultural importance and advancing racial equality well beyond the 21st century.

All “Circa 1960 NFT” holders will be free to attend. This collection is not only about making a difference in the NFT world, but the world as a whole.

We will affect change and make the world a better place for every person of every race to live together in harmony!


Michelle, Our Founder

Michelle's, a.k.a. MJW, lifelong passion for the arts and her award-winning career as an inspirational producer and reporter have taken her on a journey of discovery and creativity. With a background in various art forms, including drawing, painting, photography, sculpting, and music, she profoundly appreciates creative expression, primarily through the NFT medium.

Her television career has allowed her to travel to seven countries, producing thousands of life-changing stories on celebrities and everyday people that have touched the hearts of millions.

One of Michelle's career highlights was showcasing her late father, James D. Wilson's, 1967 Detroit Rebellion images in a story she produced on healing racism in America. The poignant photo, featuring men picking up bricks from a damaged building and showing the rebuilding of Detroit, was on display for several months at Detroit's Charles H. Wright Museum of African American History exhibit about the rebellion.

In 2014, Michelle secured the only video interview of the late Sylvia Moy, Motown's first female producer and songwriter, and used her father's images to open the documentary of Moy. The highlight of the interview was walking through Motown's studios and reminiscing with Moy about her brilliant musical career. Moy is best known for writing "My Cherie Amour" and helping Stevie Wonder's music career when she wrote for him the 1965 hit "Uptight.

"As an entrepreneur, inventor, and humanitarian, Michelle is a woman of action who gives generously to widows, orphans, and the homeless through her foundation. Now, as an NFT artist, she hopes to bring racial unity and healing to the world through her Circa 1960 NFT illustrations and videos, re-imagining never-before-seen black-and-white images her father captured in the 1960s.

A lover of travel and the great outdoors, Michelle is also dedicated to health and fitness, art, and writing. Join her on this exciting journey as she achieves new heights in the NFT world.

Meet James, Her Father

“The Photographer Artist Behind Circa 1960 NFT”

Although James D Wilson is no longer with us, his work lives on in his hundreds of thousands of historically relevant pictures which captured the heart of the Civil Rights movement of the 60’s firsthand and also over 40 years of Detroit history. His photographs are touching, unique, original, and speak to the beauty in all people. Now, Michelle is taking his highly treasured works and revitalizing them through the NFT community by creating unique NFT’s for each one.




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